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Asphalt Repairs

Do you have potholes or crumbling asphalt areas in your parking lot or driveway? Not a problem! We can cut out those problem areas and bring in hot mix asphalt to repair those failing areas! Call us for an estimate today!


Livingston Asphalt sealcoats 7 days a week, day or night. With our 1000 gallon tank and dual frame with surge tank, there is no job too large for us to handle. We use an asphalt based sealer, Sealmaster Polymer Modified Masterseal, purchased directly from the manufacturer that provides superior durability and a rich, dark black finish.

Crack Repair

Cracks are the start of asphalt failure. When water and salt get in these cracks during sub-freezing temperatures, it breaks away the pavement. We thoroughly clean each crack of debris, vegetation and moisture using a hot crack lance. Then, it is filled in using Sealmaster's Crackmaster Parking Lot Grade Hot Tar to solve this problem.

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